How I Work & What It Costs

I work to your budget – not on a per head basis

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I prefer not to work on a fixed ‘per head’ basis because I believe this can very quickly become unnecessarily expensive, especially on larger numbers where economies of scale should (but often don’t) come in to play
  • Flexible to your budget – I prefer to work to your required budget, taking into consideration the number of people you want to cater for, the location and its facilities, and the reason for the get together. This last point is very important – because clearly catering for a wedding reception is likely to be more lavish and, because the function is lengthy, may have a requirement for a much larger volume of food per head (including day and evening requirements), than say for a memorial tea, where perhaps a nice selection of freshly prepared sandwiches, homemade sausage rolls and some homemade cakes is all that is required.
  • Tailored completely to you – I will discuss with you what sort of food you would like, and look at what I can produce given all of the parameters, including trying to accommodate any special requests you may have such as home made chocolate profiteroles because Granny always loved them, or the homemade sausage rolls that I am famous for!
  • Freshly prepared – because all of the food is freshly prepared completely from scratch to order from my home, I am able provide a bespoke service, tailored to your requirements on a very reasonable budget – providing excellent value for money, which especially in the current economic climate is an all important consideration.
  • Quality – where possible I try to use local ingredients. Addtionally, I am a big fan of Waitrose, especially their meat and fish and would generally use Waitrose in Andover as my fresh food supplier as standard
  • Cost: To give you an idea of what is achievable at what cost – visit menus to see some examples, but please do not feel constrained by these examples – they are simply that.
If you would like to discuss an up coming requirement, the best thing to do is send me an 
or give me a call on 01264352300  or 07981862173 so we can discuss your needs and find something that will suit you perfectly.

Payment & Cancellation Policy:
A 25% Deposit will secure your function.
The 25% Deposit is non refundable unless at least 1 month’s prior notice is given.
The total balance is payable 1 week prior to the function date and is payable in full when cancelled with less than a week’s notice.